Our infrastructure facility incorporates world-class technology with a focus on reliability, security and scalability. The level of infrastructure availability at Civanta Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is 99.8% throughout the year. We maintain a robust continuity plan mechanism to ensure continuous operations. VPN provides secure global connectivity to remote users, VOIP and videoconferencing.

Civanta Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has its state-of-the-art software development centre located in Gurgaon. Civanta Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has motivated and highly skilled employees. Civanta has number of satisfied Clientele spread across globe.

Technical Support
When customers experience issues with your product or service, the top priority and main goal is to provide immediate help and consistent answers to prevent negative feedback or product/service returns. The majority of customer support calls can be categorized as 1st tier help - they are basic in nature, but most common amongst your customers. CIVANTA offers dedicated agent Technical Support on a 24*7*365 basis, allowing our clients to focus on more complex queries. We believe in providing first level, efficient, scalable and tailor designed solutions for help desk functions. Our professional team makes the resolution of queries quick and on time. Thanks to our advanced technology and latest software, all calls are logged into a computerized tracking system to an appropriate referral of resources of service requests
CIVANTA will work with your business to ensure our agents become true extensions of your team, knowledgeable in your products and services, taking a professional approach to your customer concerns. Through our own help-tree support system or integration with your CRM, we can assist you in bridging the gap with your customers by providing 24*7*365 Technical Support via phone, chat, and/or email.
CIVANTA Technical Support Benefits Include:

  • Accurate and timely responses ensuring consistent messaging of your brand across all channels of support
  • Scalability in labour delivery, allowing you to ramp support up and down quickly and efficiently depending on your product or service seasonality
  • Improved customer satisfaction by providing customers with the extra level of attention they demand
  • Proven expertise through complex product and CRM training to our agents
  • Reduced support costs and increased employee productivity by allowing your team to focus on more complicated, tier 2 customer inquiries.

Email Response
Achieve faster response times and consistent messaging with CIVANTA's Email Response Solution. Today's customers expect a timely, accurate response to their inquiry or they will become impatient and call into your customer service line, duplicating the initial inquiry and increasing costs due to lack of timely response.

CIVANTA Email Response Solution provides immediate feedback to your customers, letting them know someone has received their inquiry and will get back to them within 24 hours. Based on your escalation process we can determine if an auto-response should be used based on your FAQ database, or if the email requires escalation to a special skill or department. Our focus is on providing immediate and consistent feedback to ensure the number of repeat email tickets is minimized and first contact resolution is achieved.

Some of the services offered through our Email Response Solution include:
Pre-sales, Post-sales & Order Fulfilment - Product inquiries, sales processing, documentation and payment queries, post-sales product support
Customer Service - Product/service information requests, application processing, subscription services, feedback collection, polling
Technical Support - Product or service troubleshooting, registrations of complaints, visitor guidance on order/information form completion
Billing Information - Account balance, payment information, update/change in personal information
Enrolment Services - Welcome emails, information on registration and enrolment for campaigns and events

Email Response Solution Highlights :
Certified email agents recruited specifically for, and trained on written communication skills and email writing best practices
Daily quality monitoring to ensure answers are consistent and accurately portray your brand messaging
Reporting and data capture of email tickets and follow-up responses for further insight into your customer's inquiries

Our Services

  • Lifestyle Survey
  • Energy Lead Generation
  • Solar Lead Generation
  • Funeral Plan Lead Generation
  • TV Warranty Lead Generation
  • Dishwasher Warranty Lead Generation
  • Mortgage Lead Generation
  • PPI Lead Generation
  • Sky Warranty Lead Generation
  • IVA Lead Generation
  • PBA Lead Generation
  • Delayed Flights Claim Lead Generation
  • Cavity walls Lead Generation
  • Boiler Lead Generation
  • Holiday Lead Generation
  • Telecom Lead Generation
  • Wills Lead Generation
  • Conservatory Leads Generation
  • Home Improvements Lead Generation
  • Life Insurance Lead Generation
  • Financial Services BPO Operations
  • Telecom BPO Operations
  • E-Commerce BPO Operations
  • Technical Support BPO Operations
  • Telemarketing Services
  • Washing Machine warranty Lead Generation